Learn BY DONATION the Tai Chi Form for balance, alignment, stretching, mobility, and health.

The Yang Tai Chi forms have enormous health benefits such as improving you’re; alignment, balance, breathing, circulation, coordination, cardiovascular exercise, and meditation. The Classical Tai Chi was originally a martial art that was practiced in a safe way. Later people realized the health benefits were tremendous. Tai Chi has proven to be effective in China for at least the last 400 years. The elderly who cannot handle the violence of bouncing around/being bounced around and hitting the bag, lifting weights, etc. can benefit greatly from learning. After learning Chi Kung when practicing the Yang form you begin to develop your medicine field (Dantian) located in the second chakra of your body, which is then used for self-healing.

tai chiLearning Chi Kung and the Yang Classical Tai Chi forms allow you to improve your health, add value to your everyday life, and increase longevity.

Reasons, scientific as well as general, the Yang form is good for you (most people usually do not understand the true depth and effectiveness of Tai Chi):

Alignment.  Next, consider our alignment.  The alignment is the placement of our spine (our posture).  We learn to move our spine in such a way that the gravitational force passes through the bones so the muscles don’t have to work as hard because the alignment is good.  If the alignment is not good then muscles have to over-compensate, which causes back pain.  People who have a belly tend to let their spine bend back. Imagine, if you bend backward for ten years you will probably create some back problems for yourself.  Tai Chi helps us find our alignment in our movements, including when we walk.

Balance. We also train our balance in Tai Chi. This balance training is good, especially for the elderly because they tend to lose their balance as they age. The Tai Chi helps them keep their balance.

Breathing. Another aspect is the breathing.  Tai Chi breathing involves diaphragm in a very specific way, which gives us an internal massage. This is good for our digestion and internal organs.  Again, something like Chi Kung.

Circulation. During Tai Chi, most of the time we support the body weight with one leg, so the muscles of that leg tense up and the muscles of the other parts of the body remain relaxed. You then shift the weight to the other leg. This strengthens the muscles of the legs as well as allowing them to contract and relax, so they are acting as a pump.  We call this the second heart because it helps the blood circulation back to the heart and the legs, especially the toes. These are the parts of the body that are farthest away from the heart so the circulation there is not that good. Because we wear shoes, high heels, etc, we increase our circulation problems.

For example, consider one, a fairly common disease in western society: diabetes. When they have to amputate, doctors usually start by cutting off the toes, as it is the furthest place from the heart. The gravitational force is pulling the blood, making it harder for it to go back to the heart. Therefore, the first problems occur in our toes and feet. With Tai Chi, we keep the circulation moving so this does not happen.

Coordination. Tai Chi also improves our coordination by training us to use our body in order to move our limbs.  Most people do not use their bodies efficiently. Tai Chi trains us to use less energy and gain more results.

Exercise. We still sweat and pant when we practice the form slowly even though Tai Chi focuses on our insides. Therefore, Tai Chi is for the weak as well as for the strong.

Meditation. Tai Chi trains a moving Chi Kung, which is something like Chi Kung but not exactly like Chi Kung.  However, you can meditate while you are moving.  Meditation is for the health of the brain; we train the brain because we have to concentrate.  Therefore, when the brain is healthy the body tends to be healthy.  Because the brain is like a government and the body is like a country if the government is healthy the government will take care of the country. Therefore, the meditation aspect also helps.

We all have self-healing powers.  To do Chi Kung or Tai Chi is to give our body a chance to do its job and use its self-healing powers. To compliment your body’s ability to heal visit one of Sifu Tommy’s senior students proficient in the Eastern healing arts and Chi cultivation, Matthew Ancira.  Click here to visit his site.  

Chi Kung

Through practicing Chi-Kung the internal cultivation of energy is gained, as it is an exercise for the mind, body, and breath.  This ancient practice has been maintained for over five thousand years of Chinese history and it now lives on through the experiences and teachings of Sifu Tommy.

Sifu Tommy teaches three levels of Chi Kung for self-health, healing and to complement his teachings of Yee Chuen Do.  To participate in the level two courses, all practitioners require a minimum of six months of level one Chi Kung. Visit the Chi Kung page to learn more and sign up for the next course.