Sifu Tommy

Martial Arts

 Sifu Tommy

Sifu Tommy has over 60 years of martial arts fighting hand to hand combat skills.

“People think it’s magic, but really, it’s physics” – Sifu Tommy

  • Sif Tommy was the Chief Kung Fu instructor in the Chinese University of Hong Kong for ten years.

  • Member of the development committee of Chinese Martial Art association of Hong Kong.

  • Chief of the exhibition and competition department of the worldwide Choi Lee Fatt Martial Art Association.

  • Chief of the combat department of Johnny Lai’s student union.

  • A high school physics teacher in Hong Kong  – in his mind all the martial arts were studied and based on science.

  • 1971 – Grand Kwok Sui (Kung Fu) competition held in Taiwan with eight countries present: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Macau, Japan.

  • 1972 – Light welterweight champion title of Boxing of Hong Kong actor and action choreographer in Kung Fu movie, about 20 years.

  • 1973 – The first man in Asia to extinguish the candle flame with two fingers thrust without touching the candle. This was demonstrated in front of an audience of 12 thousand in the National Stadium of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, where the third South-Eastern Asia Kung Fu Tournament was taking place. He was invited as an honorable guest of demonstration and international judge.

  • In 1974 – SiFu Tommy demonstrated Chinese Martial Art in Japanese TV station (one of the Chinese Martial Art masters who first did this and was accepted by Japanese people in that era).

  • 1974 – SiFu Tommy led a Kung Fu troupe to exhibit Chinese Martial Arts in England and Spain for two months.

Sifu first began learning the secret Tai Chi taught by Yang Luk Chien, from a Buddhist monk, Ling Yan  (靈 因), a direct student of Yang Invincible.  He studied this form Tai Chi from the age of thirteen to eighteen.  At eighteen he entered the Chinese University of Hong Kong, graduating to teach Physics to high school students while continuing his martial arts career.

A Champion and Master in the arts of Tai Chi, Boxing, Thai Boxing, Wing Chun, Chinese Wrestling, and Judo, Sifu has proven his experience over the last 60 years. From the knowledge, study, and refinement of these and many additional martial art forms, Sifu Tommy created “Yee Chuen Do” (Mindless way to Self Defense).

There are numerous benefits for all ages in Yee Chuen Do and Tai Chi.  First of all, they improve overall health.  The emphasis is placed on the inside, rather than on the outside, which creates a type of ‘moving meditation.  Students will learn problem-solving and critical thinking skills throughout the process.  They will learn efficient body mechanics, physiology, and psychology that will apply to all areas of life. Most importantly, however, they will build self-confidence and feel safe, living a peaceful life in society.

In Yee Chuen Do, the focus is on health and longevity first, self-defense second, and competition third. We emphasize very much on safety in practice as safety guarantees high repetition, high repetition guarantees proficiency, proficiency guarantees effectiveness.  The purpose of training in martial arts is to live long, happily, and healthily.

It does not make sense to learn something to avoid being hurt by hurting yourself in practice first. We are able to learn this complex art in a safe way. Our art is a soft art and teaches students to let go of resistance, allowing possibilities to appear.  Through practice and discipline, these opportunities create a positive outcome and a healthy mindset.  We place great emphasis on not using violence for hatred or self-pride and do not condone the need to win at all costs. We create an atmosphere of family and peace so everyone has a chance to grow up at their own pace.

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