Welcome to the truth and the real history of Classical Kung Fu, updated for today’s fighting world, Yee Chuen Do is based on the Classical Tai Chi passed down from Yang Invincible.

Watching Hands

Watching Hands with Grandmaster Tommy

Yee Chuen Do (意 拳 道) is a specialized form of Kung Fu based on Classical Tai Chi, which has been developed and honed over several decades based on real-life fighting experience, using an ongoing scientific process of practical refinements.

Classes are taught by Grandmaster Tommy Cheng, who has over 60 years of martial arts experience and who is also a master of Chi Kung, an ancient practice of energy cultivation.

Yee Chuen Do is based on Classical Tai Chi and has been modified to incorporate techniques from other fighting styles such as Boxing, Thai Boxing, Wing Chun, Jiujitsu, Judo, and many more.  The greatest strength of Yee Chuen Do is that it draws on a variety of fighting systems to create practical solutions for street survival that can also be adapted for use in competition settings, including mixed martial arts competitions. Yee Chuen Do has many health benefits, allowing the student to build strength, flexibility, and balance while learning effective martial arts techniques in a safe and supportive environment.

Tai Chi Rooting

Grandmaster Tommy demonstrating Classical Tai Chi rooting using proper body alignment, resisting the force of 10 men.